Review: The Simpsons Movie

I always had my doubts about how this would turn out after the last few seasons of The Simpsons went so downhill.

The storylines recently have been so poor that I was worried this movie would just be another episode that was a little longer. I am glad to say that I was wrong.

This is a full-blown epic story. None of this could have happened in the TV series and there is even some minor nudity and some jokes that I don’t think they would get away with on the small screen. It has a PG certificate in the UK and they certainly push that to its limit.

I won’t give away everything, but the story is based around Homer becoming the most hated man in Springfield due to doing something terrible. This causes the whole town to be isolated from the rest of the country. Everybody wants Homer dead but the family manage to escape to Alaska where they face a huge test as a family group and it’s a race against time to save Springfield.

A minor drawback was the lack of characters. Many of the inhabitants of Springfield only feature briefly or not at all. Not a huge problem, however, as there are hundreds of characters to feature and there was not enough time to squeeze them all in.

There is a lot of good humour here and some current-affair stuff too. Arnold Schwarzenegger is president of America and the is a parody of Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” by Lisa.

I was also impressed by the cinematics. The animation doesn’t differ from TV but there are some excellent pans and swoops that really add to the effect.

I was pleasantly surprised with this movie. It isn’t breathtaking but it also wasn’t just a “longer TV episode” that I had worried it may have become. And “spider pig” is very funny too.

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