Frequently Asked Questions

1. “I get an error that the installer is not locked. What does that mean?”

When you install WebCards a file is created called “lock.cgi.” If this file exists the installer cannot be run again, so it is there for security.
If for any reason the installer cannot create this file you will see an error whenever you log into the admin centre. Either use the built-in function in the admin centre to create the file or just create a blank file in the base directory called “lock.cgi”.

2. “I get a list of SQL stats at the bottom of every page. How do I get rid of them?”

There are a whole list of debug statistics that can be shown either in the public area or the admin centre.
You can show or hide these stats via the admin centre. Go to the Debug section of the admin centre and choose whether to show or hide each of the pieces of information.