Add Image

The following image shows the Add Image page.

Image Name
Enter a name for the new image.

Cost Of Sending Image
How much will your users be charged for sending this image? Leave it blank to make the image free to send. The currency will be the one you have chosen in the payment settings page.

Choose A Category
Pick a category for the image to be grouped in. WebCards now supports multiple categories for images. On a Windows PC hold down Ctrl and choose each category you wish to add the image to.

How Do You Want To Add Your Image?
When adding images you can either upload or link an image or enter code in the free-text box. Use free text for copy-and-paste code from sites like YouTube or Metacafe.
The following image shows how the interface changes when you choose to upload an image.

Upload Image Screen

When you choose to upload an image a form field will appear for you to choose the location of your image. When you choose to link an image a field will appear for you to enter the address.

You can also choose to search for images on Flickr. Enter some terms for search for and you will be presented with a grid of thumbnails. CLick the one you want to use to see more information about it. You will see a screen similar to the image below.

Flick Search Results
Click the size of thumbnail you wish to use. All the necessary information will be entered into the form for you.

How Do You Want To Add Your Thumbnail?
You have the same two options to add a thumbnail as you do to add the main image. You can also select the option to automatically generate a thumbnail.

Image and Thumb Dimensions
These settings do not physically resize the images, rather they set the html dimensions used when displaying the images.

Whether these need to be set or not depends on the macro that is used. For a picture to be HTML compliant the image dimensions should be set. When adding a Macromedia Flash file you should set the dimensions or else the file will not display at the right dimensions.

Image Keywords
These keywords help you users to find the images they are looking for when they search. As well as matching by image name, a search will match the keywords too.

Free Text
Use this box to add some extra content or information to the page. Html is allowed here.

Click “Add Image” to save the image. Be patient if you are uploading large images.