paypal interrupted

I tried to buy the latest version and all seemed fine. But PayPal choked I guess and the sale did not go through. At least that is what PayPal says.

I will try again. If you see two payments from my email please know I did not intend to pay twice.

What software do you recommend for making a template (or changes to the template) for WebCards? I have MSFrontPage still but haven’t done much HTML work since switching to WordPress a few years ago.

As I wrote in another forum post I would love a holiday calendar feature. I plan to use WebCards to make my ASCII art available for emailing. I also want to make the art into pages for a monthly calendar – which I’d like to connect to the postcards part of my site. My main site is on WordPress so I am hoping I can cross link a few ways to prevent the postcards from being on their own island.

Looking forward to trying the new-er software. I hope the install goes a little easier than 1.3 was. But, I was glad to have it as a demo at least.

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