Custom fields

This is a topic from 2010….. “You have to manually add the custom fields to the template file render_card.html where you want them to show.

You use the format –variable–. Replace variable with whatever you put for the identifier field.

Let me know if you need any more help with this.”

Could you elaborate and define the “format -variable-“. I am not clear what that means and how it is scripted into the render_card.html.

If you don’t mind, an example would be most appreciated.

thank you

Hi thanks for your question.

The variable you use is the one you chose in the admin centre surrounded by double dashes.

Here is an example. You create a custom field called “User Location”. You give it the unique identifier “location”. Every time you want it to appear to the recipient in the card you add “–location–” to render_card.html (but remove the double quotes).

Let me know if you still need any more help with this.

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