Delete Images

The following image shows the initial Delete Images page.

Delete Image Overview Screen

Find The Image You Wish To Delete
There are 4 ways to track down the images you wish to delete. First is to browse all the images in one category, second is to search for an image name, third is to list all the images and choose the one you want. The final option is to delete all the images in the database.
Choose the way you want to locate the image and click “Perform Selected Action.” If you choose any of the first three options you will be presented with a list of all images that match your criteria. You can click “view image” or “view thumbnail” to check you are deleting the correct image.
Read further down if you have chosen to delete all images.

Choose The Image To Delete
The following image shows an example listing of images.

Delete Image Results

You can choose multiple images to delete or select the box at the top to delete all the images that were returned. Click “delete images” to confirm. The images will be deleted after you click this button. They will be removed from the database and if you uploaded or generated images or thumbnails they will be deleted from the images directory.
You will see a confirmation screen showing how many images were deleted.

Delete All Images
This is a quick way to permanently remove all the images in your database. It will also delete any uploaded images and generated thumbnails so use it carefully.
If you choose this option you will be presented with a screen similar to the one below asking you to enter your password. This is asked to make sure that somebody else is not deleting your images if you have left your computer unattended.