WebCards Manual

Installation Instructions

In addition to the instructions below, you should read the readme.html file which will give up-to-the-minute information on installing the specific version you have downloaded.

After unzipping the files you downloaded, open up config.php. You need to edit your database information to allow WebCards to connect to your MySQL database. You need to enter the database host, your username and password and the name of the database. Each table can also be given a prefix to prevent conflicts with other programs. You can change this from the default of wc_ if you wish.

Upload all the files, including your edited config.php, to an appropriate folder on your server. Once you have uploaded all the unzipped files to your server, navigate to install.php to start the installation process.

The first screen will check your database information is correct and that a connection can be established.

If you have any problems with the connection, please check that the database information you entered in config.php is correct. You can get your database information from your web host.

Once a connection has been established, click “Continue To Installation” to access the main form. Very few details are required to install WebCards.

First of all check that the path directory and URL are correct. The default values are usually correct and it is important that both values end with a trailing slash.

Next, enter the username, password and email address that you wish to use to login to the admin centre.

Once you click “Continue” your database will be installed. Check for any error messages and make any corrections that the installation file recommends.

Once your installation is complete, follow the link to access the administration centre. Login with the username and password your created during installation.