About WebCards

First started in 2003, WebCards is an advanced, feature-packed e-card system for your website that helps you to keep your visitors engaged. Read what our current customers have to say about WebCards.

Please take our full WebCards Feature Tour to see some of the key features. Just a few of the highlights are mentioned below.

Key WebCards Features

  • Support for member accounts
  • Option to charge users for sending cards with PayPal support – monthly subscriptions and pay-per-card
  • Search engine friendly URLs
  • Bulk Image Uploader
  • Facebook login support
  • Ability to send full card content inside the notification email
  • Event manager and ability to link cards and categories to events
  • Flickr image finder
  • Ability to add images to multiple categories and support for infinite subcategories
  • Automatic thumbnail generation
  • Ability to both upload and link images
  • Robust ban settings – ban by email address or IP address – also includes IP search tools
  • Template manager
  • Stamps
  • Poems & Quotes
  • Add audio to cards
  • Caching of files for increased performance
  • Allow users to upload their own images to send
  • Support for user address book and ability to import from Google, Yahoo and Live
  • CSV contact upload
  • Emoticons
  • Custom fields

Why Choose WebCards?

There are plenty of e-card packages available on the web today, but WebCards stands tall above them all.

WebCards is a low cost solution but you still get a lot for you money. You will have access to our members’ centre and have access to one-on-one support. Your also get access to six months of unlimited updates.