Card Settings

Card Settings

The following image shows the Card Settings page.

Allow Guests To Send WebCards

Your users can always register an account on your WebCards installation, but with this option you can allow unregistered members to send WebCards. Please bear in mind that you shouldn’t charge users to send WebCards if you have enabled guest sending.

Maximum Number Of Recipients For Each Card

This allows the user to send the same WebCard to multiple recipients. There is no limit to how high you can set this value, but for every recipient, one email is sent, so don’t make this value too high.

How Long Until Cards Expire

30 days is a recommended figure but you can adjust it to suit your space limitations. Note that WebCards are deleted completely when they expire so don’t mess around with this too often. Beware that if you change the setting to 1 second and then run the card expirer all the cards will be deleted. Set this value and then leave it.

Background Colours

List all the background colours that your users can pick from. The spellings should be html compliant.

Allow Users To Receive Notification When Cards Are Picked Up

If you set this to “yes” a box will appear at the bottom of the compose WebCard page. The sender then has the option to receive an email notification when their WebCard is picked up. You should set this to “no” if you have high email traffic and emails are being delayed.

Allow Users To Send Their Cards At A Future Date

If you set this to “yes” the user will be able to choose a date to send their WebCard on. Ensure you run the delay_send.php file regularly. To set it to run via cron see the instruction later in this manual.

Allow Users to Add Audio to Their Cards

Once you have added audio for your users to send, enable it here to show the list to your users.

Allow Users to Add Stamps to Their Cards

Once you have uploaded stamps for your users to include in their cards, enable it here to show the list to your users.

Show The List Of Poems and Quotes

Poems and quotes are a good way to inspire your users if they are struggling for things to say. Add new poems in the admin centre and then enable the list here.

Click “Update Configuration” to save your changes.