WebCards Version 26

Today marks the release of the next version of WebCards, version 2.6. Here is a quick summary of the new features available:

  • New function to search iTune’s massive library of audio and add an excerpt of any song to your cards
  • Assign poems to specific categories
  • Assign audio to specific categories
  • Social media links on the “card sent” page
  • Random images on main page
  • Ability to pay for cards at a later date through your member centre
  • Caching of search cloud to save resources
  • Function to reset admin password
  • Edit admin account – change password and email address
  • Ability to link audio rather than having to upload
  • upport for all audio files, rather than just mp3s

Please take a look at the whatsnew.txt file inside the WebCards zip file for a full description of all the new features and bug fixes.

Download WebCards version 2.6 from your Member Centre now. If you are not a current WebCards member please subscribe today for instant access.

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