WebCards Version 2 4 Available

We are pleased to announce the availability of WebCards version 2.4.

This version introduces support for Facebook login and a calendar and events manager.

Here is a full list of new features.

  • Customisable cost of each card
  • Calendar and events manager
  • Ability to link event to multiple categories
  • Images are now presented in the url in a much better way, the pipe character is no longer used
  • Full integration of Facebook Connect and ability to post sent card on Facebook
  • Option to disable all registration functions
  • Ability to reorder poems, audio file and stamps
  • Option to delete multiple cards from admin centre

There are also a few bug fixes, including:

  • Images are now hidden when their categories are disabled
  • SMTP will only authenticate if a username and password are set
  • Separated admin language components from language file to aid translators
  • If you are not currently a WebCards member please subscribe today for an instant download.

If you have any problems feel free to post in our forum or submit a support request.

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