WebCards 27 Available

The latest version of WebCards is now available. It contains a lot of exciting new features and many bug fixes.

The latest release allows you to access our network spam system, add meta keyword tags to pages, allow users to rate cards, choose and edit URL slugs, allow users to have their own personal calendar including event reminders and use Amazon’s Simple Email Service (SES).

Here is a summary of the main new features:

  • New spam network feature. Check an IP address for known spam activity in order to ban abusive users
  • Label a card as “featured” so it can be promoted on the front page
  • User’s personal calendar. Add and delete your own events
  • Added support for Amazon’s Simple Email Service (SES) for improved reliability of sending email. Also includes advanced statistics of emails sent
  • Full database-based email and IP banning systems which are much more robust than before
  • Social media links on send card page
  • Card rating system
  • Choose and edit custom slug for category URL
  • Choose and edit custom slug for card URL
  • New collapsible menu in admin centre, including ability to rearrange sections which will be remembered each time you log in
  • Option to make cards available to active subscribers only
  • More image fields can be added via the bulk upload interface such as card cost, keywords and freetext
  • Admin can choose to validate user email address before they can send cards
  • Card status is listed in the admin centre so you can see which cards have been sent, queued or are awaiting payment
  • Support for using video formats in cards
  • Addition of meta keyword tag to card send page
  • Support for persistent user sessions, ie. “keep me logged in for 30 days.”

Download WebCards version 2.7 from your Member Centre now. If you are not a current WebCards member please subscribe today for instant access.

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