WebCards 25

Following the release of the latest version of WebCards I thought I should outline some of the key features.

Flickr Image Finder
You can now add images to your WebCards installation directly from Flickr.

Search for the images you want to add. You can choose to only show images that allow commercial use if that is more appropriate to your needs.

The choose the image you want to use and the size of the thumbnail. All the details are inserted automatically and the image is ready to use right away.

Card Subscriptions

Your users can now setup a subscription to your WebCards installation. They pay their monthly fee automatically by PayPal. You get to set the subscription fee and the currency. The system will also automatically detect if a user cancels their subscription to stop them from sending any more cards.

Note that subscriptions in WebCards replace the credits system that was in use for WebCards 2.4. Credits was an interim arrangement before we perfected the subscription system. If users have paid for credits the data will still be saved but the users will not be able to send cards that are only available to subscribers.

Pay Per Card

A long requested feature, WebCards now allows you to charge users for individual cards. You can set the price for each card individually so you can have a mixture of free and paid-for cards. Once a card has been paid for, it will be sent instantly without any interaction required.

Send Full Card Content
This feature has been requested for a long time and has finally made it into this release. As well as sending notifications for new cards, you can now send the full card within the notification email.

These are the highlights of the new features in the latest version of WebCards as well as many bug fixes. You can download it from your Member Centre, or if you are not currently a customer, order WebCards now.

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