Release: WebCards French Language Pack

For those of you who wish to support the French language on your WebCards installation, we invite you to download the WebCards French Language Pack. This Pack is suitable for WebCards 1.3.

The translation was done by Webcard Forum member Cattss and you can read their announcement on the forum.

There is a detailed explanation on how to use Language Packs in the documentation but it is a very simple process.

Download the pack from the downloads page and upload it to your “export” directory. Do not unpack the .tar archive.
Log in to your admin centre and click “Import/Export Language” under the “Languages” section.
Choose the tarball lang-Francais.tar and choose a name for the language. French of Francais would be the most logical.
Simply click “import” and the language will be ready for use by your users and administrators.
Big credit is due to Cattss for the excellent translation.

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