New Release: WebCards Version 2 9

With over a year since the release of version 2.8, the next release of WebCards is well overdue. You will be happy to hear that the new version, 2.9, is now available to download. Get it now from your Member Centre.

Here is a quick summary of the bug fixes and new features:

New features
– Card background images
– Ability to delete admin logs after a certain number of days rather than deleting all of them
– Ability to set the default timezone for you users
– Ability to regenerate thumbnails for uploaded images
– Full video support for all platforms, including mobile, Android and iOS (video format dependant)
– Support for using Mandrill to send emails

Bug Fixes
– Javascript audio preview fixed
– Personal event reminders now save properly
– Thumbnail alpha transparency in thumbnails now works properly
– Google and Yahoo contacts updated to latest version. Hotmail/Live/Outlook has been removed due to changes in code
– Updated to latest version of TinyMCE text editor
– Correct language file is now selected when sending cards via the task manager
– Search cloud cache is no longer updated if it has been disabled in the admin centre
– Removed hardcoded site name in PayPal links
– Added canonical links to ensure calendar doesn’t cause duplicate pages in search engines
– Email addresses added to contact chooser to make it easier to find who you are looking for

Get it now from your Member Centre.

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