What Do You Want From CSS? The CSS3 Working Group Want To Know

The CSS3 working group are looking for feedback on what people want implemented in CSS3.

From the blog post:

The CSSWG plans to discuss its charter at our next face-to-face meeting in March. If groups like CSS3.info, the CSS Eleven, and the WaSP and/or individuals like Jeffrey Zeldman and Eric Meyer could organize a collectively-written list of priorities and submit it to us before then, we could take that into account when writing our charter for 2008+.

I have to say that there are two main things I want from CSS3. The first is CSS columns (although I believe this is currently in the draft). The idea of table-less layout is excellent. The problem is it is too darned complicated to make it work. Web developers simply don’t have time to mess about with positioning of divs and spans. Then of course you have to test it out and implement different versions off CSS on each web browsers. But I digress…

The second thing I want is for it to work on ALL web browsers. Each web browsers must implement CSS in an identical way. No hacks, no complicated ways of hiding CSS from one browser or another. No more “this is needed because IE renders this differently” in the comments. None of this. As a member has posted on Webmaster World:

Come to think about it – if they kept CSS3 the same as CSS2 but got it supported – that would be a really brilliant thing.

The CSS working group is not without its critics, however. Take a look at this blog post before you post your ideas. It seems the CSS Working Group is a bit on the slow side when it comes to getting things done.

You can take a look at css3.info for more information.

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