Review: Saw IV

It seemed like not so long ago that Saw III was released. I looked back at my blog and saw that I had reviewed it on October 31, 2006. This franchise releases films very, very fast.

Anyway, on to the review. As usual this will contain some spoilers, as I can’t express my frustration without giving some bits away.

The first thing I thought when I left the cinema was “I don’t have a clue what happened in the movie!” I was genuninely confused.

I got home and started looking on some of the Saw message boards. Then I came across some very important pieces of information that they didn’t make clear in the film:

  1. Saw III and Saw IV happen at the same time. This is so important and it really wasn’t clear.
  2. The autopsy scene that you see at the beginning of the film actually happens at the end of the film. I guess they show you it first to let you know that Jigsaw is really dead. But this really confuses people. This is an extract from the BBC Movies review:

After a tape recorded message is found in Jig’s stomach, Detective Hoffman (Carlos Mandylor) and SWAT Commander Riggs (Lyriq Bent) are thrown into yet another fiendishly complex morality play.

Even the BBC didn’t get this. The tape is found at the end of the film, not at the start. See what I mean? Confusing.

While I am on the subject of things that confused me I need to talk about characters. I had a really hard time working out who everybody was. I would see people and I would keep asking “Who is that guy?” Maybe it’s just me.

Darren Lynn Bousman (the director) told us that Jigsaw’s role wouldn’t be confined to flashbacks. Not true. These are the only appearances he makes in the whole film. We do get a lot of insight into what makes Jigsaw do what he does and we do learn who the woman is in his flashbacks in Saw III.

However, other things that should have been answered were not, such as what was in the letter that drove Amanda crazy in Saw III. One would guess these will be answered in Saw V or VI (which were approved way before III was released). Perhaps not. Maybe we will have to wait until Saw VII or VIII.

The traps are good, very twisted and gruesome. We see some very hardcore stuff, even by Saw’s standards. Scalpings, daggers to the eyes, Eyes and a mouth stitched closed. Very extreme.

As a standalnoe film, Saw IV is a complete no-no. But if you have watched the first three you will have to watch this one, you just will. And we will all inevitable watch the next two, no matter how bad they are.

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