Important Update for WebCards 12

It has come to my attention that some debug code was left in WebCards release version 1.2.

This problem applies only to version 1.2. All other versions are unaffected.

This is not a security bug but a major usability problem. The problem results in the contents of your language directory sometimes being printed at the top of each page.

I have updated the main WebCards release package for version 1.2 to address the problem. You can either download the new package and replace the file index.php or follow the instructions below to update your own installation of WebCards. The only file that needs to be replaced is index.php.

To update your WebCards installation

Open up the file index.php in your text editor.

Locate the block of code around line 1473:

while($file = readdir($dp))
echo $file;
if($file!=”.” && $file!=”..” && $file!=”index.html” && is_dir($conf[‘dir’] . “lang/” . $file))
$lang_style_changer .= “” . $file . “”;
$lang_style_changer .= “”;

Simply remove this section

echo $file;
Re-upload index.php and the problem will be fixed.

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